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How To Get Healthy

We have been Lied to by Big Food Big Pharma & Government for over 50 years These Mega Corporations are the largest Lobby Groups in Washington "We The People" must Demand Better Low Carbohydrated Food & Less Pharmaceutical Drugs whitch always have Major unhealthy side effects. Do your own research almost All Prescription Medications have some Very Serious Black Label warnings. When I was told I would have to Inject Insulin everyday for the rest of my Life is what began my search for the Truth, I No Longer Have Diabetes Big Food & Big Pharma Knows Exactly what causes Type 2 Diabetes they have known for many years. "Follow The Money".

The Deadliest "Story" Ever Told

In the U.S. alone about 35 million Americans
are buying & injecting Insulin every month
Big Pharma makes average $1000 a month from Insulin
$1000 times 35 million is 35 Billion each month just in the U.S.
Got a clue Yet as to Why they don't want anyone even Doctors
knowing there is a Cure for Type 2 Diabetes.
Now think of All the other "Medicines" they sell every month
All of Big Pharmas Pills & shots add up to Trillions

"Would You Lie To People For Trillions Every Year?"

Welcome to everyone who wants to know the Truth about how to get Healthy.

Diabetes & being told I would have to inject Insulin every day for the rest of my life at age 59 started me researching for answers. It took awhile to distinguish Truth from Bullshit, lots of Bullshit out there..

I no longer take Insulin injections also Joint Pain, Tiredness & much more I was told came from being old are Gone.

Each of these Videos were carefully chosen from thousands to give a brief Very Simple Very Inexpensive & Reall Health Solution to everyone no matter the condition or you can believe the "Experts" & keep Buying All the Powders, Potions, Exercise Machines, Gym Memberships, Goji Berries from Mars, Sea Kelp from Jupiter, shots & Pills from Big Pharma these Grifters I mean "Experts" are Selling To You.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes


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Dr. Eric Berg DC

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Dr. David Diamond

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Dr. James Muecke

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Dr Richard Bernstein

New Parents Of Type 1 Diabetics

Dr Richard Bernstein

Dr Went From 14YR Vegan to Carnivore

Steak and Butter Gal

A Real Nutritional Scientist

Bart Kay

Our Family Is No Longer Vegan

Green Witch Living

The Dangers of Veganism

Happy Now Olivia!

Real Nutrision Visit

Actual Report From EPA.Gov Website

Agriculture is 10% of Total Greenhouse Gases of that 10% ALL Animals
such as Cattle are Only 4%. Also managed forests and other lands
(Like Pastures That Cows Graze On) are a net sink, i.e., they have
absorbed more CO2 from the atmosphere than they emit.
Big Grain Corporations with lots of money to advertize
& other influencers like the Vegan & Plant based movements
have convinced many that Cows are the Problem when in fact
Big Mono Croping(Thousands of acres that grow only one crop
has NEVER been Natures way) & these Big ag fields are Fertilized
with Petrolium product which are Carbons, These Large Industries
put Millions of tons of CO2 into the Atmosphere, Also we should be
aware of the VERY Harmfull Pestisides that not only get into the food
we eat it also gets into our water supplies from soil run off(The
Destruction of Top Soil that can no longer hold water). Cows grazing on
Pasture land emit very little Gases & their Natural Fertilizer creates
Top soil which captures CO2 from the Atmosphere making them a Net
misleading people is VERY Good for Big Foods Profits.

Cows Are NOT The Cause They Are The Solution

Big Crops Are Very Heavily Government Subsidized

Big Food producers receive Trillions in Government Subsidies
(Yes Trillions that's why your can of unhealthy corn is only 89 cents)
Governments could Subsidized the Ranchers & Farmers that allow cows to
graze on grass like they were ment to instead of Big Corporate meat
producers That Lock Cows in barns & only feed them grain & injecting
them with Antibiotics cows weren't ment to eat grains(Makes them sick)
FYI These grains are Corn that is NOT eatable by humans yes we have All
been lied to the corn fed to these cows is so bad they can't feed it to
humans Vegans make a big deal about the cows eating the corn that could
feed humans Vegans are Lied to also they repeat the Lies not looking at
the Facts for themselves, I have been guilty of not checking the Facts
in my past also & repeating Lies I heard from "Experts" with an Agenda
which lead me straight into severe Diabetes & other health issues then
I began researching Facts for myself instead of trusting the "Experts"
The ineatable by human corn & Antibiotics makes Animals FAT & Profitable)
If only a small percent of these Massive Subsidies were paid out to
Reall Ranchers that care about the Animals & the Land Humanely raising
only Grass Fed Cows on Sustainable pastures replenishing the soil while
cleaning the environment then we could solve multiple problems by
making the Healthy Grass Fed meat much more Affordable & pulling CO2
out of the Atmosphere putting it back into the ground where it came from

Animals Create Healthy Top Soil Big Food Corporations Create Desert Lands

Most Modern Chronic Diseases Are Preventable

Every time anyone Reverses or Cures their Type 2 Diabetes Big Pharma loses about $1000 a month in Insulin sales alone not counting the financial losses from their other drug sales like High Blood pressure "Medicines" along with other unnecessary Profit making Pills & Shots this is why they try very hard to keep people & Doctors from learning Real Nutrition by distorting the Facts about Health Information keeping everyone confused Sick & Dependent on their Expensive Druugs